Terms of Service

Our mission is to "become the most customer-centric company in the world", and we are committed to making your safari journey not only the unforgettable adventure of your life, but we also want it to be your most cost-effective trip:

Caring starts from the heart: our platform and customer service are available for you 24 hours a day

Massive itinerary options: covering 15 safari countries in Africa, ranging from noble and luxurious to affordable, and other rich safari itineraries

Numerous scenic spots, cooperating with other tour operators to bring wonderful experiences

We can assist in the payment of fees, purchase or rent any travel products and services that use our payment services

Emphasis on user experience: build our platform products and service functions based on user preferences

Realistic presentation of visitor reviews: Regardless of whether the review content is praised or degraded, we will show real feedback (of actual visitors)

We provide a well-informed, friendly website and preferential price guarantee

More assured price

Introduction to terms and conditions

These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time and apply to all services provided online, via any mobile device, via email or telephone, directly or indirectly (via distributors). By accessing, browsing, using our (mobile) website and any application, and/or completing a reservation through any platform (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "platform"), you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by the terms described below And conditions (including privacy statement).

These pages, content and page structure as well as the online travel services (including collection services) that we provide on or through the website are subject to the terms and conditions described below. The above-mentioned website refers to the website owned, operated and provided by safarigo.com. operated by Africa Directory (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and only for your personal non-commercial (B2C) use. Our relationship with tour operators is subject to additional terms and conditions, which also govern our (B2B) business relationship with each tour operator. Each tour operator (including business-to-business ("B2B") and/or business-to-customer ("B2C") relationships) when providing products and/or services on or through safarigo.com shall respond to safarigo. com adopts a professional way of working. Please note that in addition to the policies and important notices displayed on the website, the tour operator may have, have publicized, and require you to accept, its own (delivery/transport/ship/use) terms and conditions, and use and access And implement the rules of travel (which may include certain disclaimers and limitations of liability).


"Safarigo.com", "we" and "we" all refer to Africa Catalog (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.

"Tourism operator" refers to the professional travel service provider accommodation, attractions (such as (theme) parks, museums, sightseeing groups), and transportation providers (such as : Car rental, cruises, railways, airport transfers, car tours, transfers), tour operators, travel insurance and any other providers of tourism or related products or services.

"Travel Service" refers to the online purchase, order, payment (or collection of payments) or reservation services provided or activated by safarigo.com for various products and services provided by travel operators from time to time on the platform.

"Travel reservation" refers to the order, purchase, payment, reservation or reservation of travel.

1. Safarigo service scope

We (safarigo.com and its associated (distribution) partners) provide an online platform for all travel operators-through professional business practices (such as B2C or B2B)-through the platform for their promotion, marketing, sales, promotion and / Or provide (if applicable) products and services that can be ordered, purchased, reserved, or rented, and at the same time allow relevant visitors to discover, search, compare, order, book, purchase or pay (such as travel services) through this platform. Use or use of travel services (such as travel reservations through travel services), which means that you will directly establish a (legally binding) contractual relationship with the travel operator to book or purchase products or services from the travel operator (if applicable) . From the moment you book a trip, we only act as an intermediary between you and the travel operator, transmitting your travel booking related information to the relevant travel operator, and send you a confirmation message on behalf of the travel operator. safarigo.com does not (re)sell, rent or provide any (travel) products or services.

All kinds of information we publish when we provide travel services to our guests are derived from information provided by travel operators. Therefore, each travel operator who advertises and promotes travel on the platform is granted the right to use our system and the operator's backend. Through the system and the operator background, the travel operator is solely responsible for updating all the itinerary prices, itinerary descriptions, policies and conditions, and other relevant information displayed on our platform. Although we will provide you with travel services with reasonable technology and prudence, we cannot verify or guarantee that all information is accurate and complete, nor can we respond to any errors (including obvious errors and writing errors), service interruptions (regardless of It is responsible for (temporary or partial) system breakdown, repair, upgrade or platform maintenance, etc.), inaccurate or misleading or untrue information or undelivered information. Each travel operator is fully responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness (including prices, policies and conditions, and itinerary availability) of the (descriptive) information on the platform from beginning to end. This platform does not constitute and should not be regarded as the quality, service level, qualification or rating (star) of any travel provider (or its facilities, places, vehicles, (main or additional) products or services) on the platform Any recommendation or endorsement, unless explicitly stated or otherwise stated.

Our travel services are only for personal and non-commercial use. Therefore, any content, information, software, orders, coupons, tickets, products or services on the platform are forbidden to resell, re-link, illegally use, copy, monitor (such as using web crawlers or crawling) for commercial or competitive activities or purposes. ), display, download or copy.

2. The price is more assured

The prices offered by travel operators on this platform are extremely competitive. Unless otherwise stated in the travel operator/coupon ticketing service, all travel prices displayed on the platform include value-added tax/sales tax and various other taxes (subject to changes in tariffs) and fees. The ticket price of the card and coupon is the price of an individual or a group, and the validity or validity period refers to the instructions on the card and coupon (if applicable). In the event of an order cancellation, the travel operator may charge applicable fees and taxes (including tourist tax/city tax).

Some travel operators sometimes launch products or services with special offers on this platform; however, these special offers may have related restrictions, such as non-cancellation clauses or non-refundable policies. Therefore, please carefully review the relevant products, services and booking terms and information before confirming the reservation.

We aim to allow you to obtain the selected products and services at the lowest possible price. If you have completed your booking on our platform, and found on other websites that the itinerary you booked on the platform has the same booking terms but the price is lower, we will make up for the difference between our price and the lower price, according to the price Rest assured under the terms and conditions. Our "price more assured" clause does not apply to products and services that are not related to itineraries.

All special offers and promotions are marked. If there is no such mark, you will not get any rights when there is an obvious error or error.

3. Privacy and Cookies

safarigo.com respects your privacy. Please see our Privacy and Cookie Policy for more details.

4. Guests do not need to pay handling fees!

Unless otherwise stated, our services are free to guests. Unlike many other agencies, we will not charge you for the travel services provided, and the price negotiated with the local agency is the final price. You will pay the corresponding fees (and relevant (if applicable) taxes, levies and handling fees if not included in the price) to the travel operator based on the price in the travel order.

Only travel operators that have established a business relationship with safarigo.com (by agreement) will be online (B2B and/or B2C promotions of their products). safarigo.com is not an open platform, that is, end users can launch their products on such platforms (non-C2C platforms); safarigo.com does not allow non-professional parties to provide or sell its products through safarigo.com.

5. Payment

Subject to any requirements set by safarigo and/or travel operators (such as completing any verification process), you can follow the corresponding booking process to book optional services on the safarigo platform. Before booking a service, you will see all applicable fees (collectively referred to as "full fees") including service fees, deposits (if applicable), visitor fees and any applicable taxes. You agree to pay the full amount of any booking requests related to your safarigo account.

Upon receipt of the booking confirmation from safarigo, a legally binding agreement has been reached between you and your travel operator, and is subject to any applicable travel operator supplementary terms and conditions, in particular, compliance with applicable cancellation policies and services Any rules and restrictions listed in the project information. safarigo will charge the full amount when the booking request is issued or when the travel operator confirms the booking in accordance with the payment terms. For the reservation of a customized itinerary, if the travel operator accepts the balance in person, you can choose to pay only the deposit or pay in full when making the payment.

If you book the services of a travel operator on behalf of other tourists, you should ensure that every other tourist meets the requirements set by the travel operator, knowing and agreeing to these Terms of Service and any terms, conditions, rules and regulations set by the travel operator. limit. If the other tourist you book for is a minor, you represent and warrant that you are legally authorized to represent the minor. Minors can only participate in experiences, activities or services of other travel operators when accompanied by their responsible adults.

6. Prepayment, cancellation, missed arrival and important information

By booking a trip with a travel operator, you are accepting the travel operator's booking and cancellation policies, as well as any additional (delivery) terms applicable to your travel, including various services and/or products provided by the travel operator to guests. Please ask the relevant travel operator for the relevant (delivery/purchase/use/carrying) terms and conditions. The basic cancellation policy of each travel operator can be obtained through the travel operator’s information page on our platform and during the booking process. Before making a reservation, please carefully check the (reservation) details of the product or service you have selected to check whether there are such terms. Please note that if your booking requires a deposit or (full or partial) advance payment, if you fail to pay the relevant (unpaid) within the agreed due time or the specified payment date in accordance with the relevant payment policies and booking requirements of the travel operator ) Payment, your travel order may be cancelled (without prior notice of default or warning). Cancellation and prepayment policies may vary for each travel product or service. Please read the important information carefully (located below the travel list on our platform or at the bottom of each travel provider's page). In the event of late payment, incorrect bank information, debit card or credit card information, invalid credit/debit card, or insufficient account balance, the customer is solely responsible for the consequences. Unless otherwise agreed or permitted by the travel operator in accordance with the (pre-)payment policy and cancellation policy of the travel operator, the (non-refundable) amount you paid in advance is not refundable.

If you wish to view, change or cancel your travel reservation, please contact us to proceed. Please note that the travel operator may charge you cancellation fees in accordance with the cancellation policy or you may not be able to get a refund for any (pre-)payment. We recommend that you carefully read the cancellation policy of the travel operator before confirming the reservation, and pay the further payment required for the relevant reservation on time.

7. (Other) Communication and communication matters

Safarigo.com does not assume any responsibility or obligation for information exchanges conducted by/with travel operators through any communication tools other than this website. You cannot enjoy any rights from safarigo.com for sending requests to travel operators, communicating with travel operators, or confirming receipt of requests and communications (in any form). safarigo.com does not guarantee that the travel operator (fully or in a timely manner) receives/reads, complies with, executes or accepts any request or information.

To ensure that the travel order is completed and guaranteed, you need to fill in your email address correctly. We are not responsible for any misspelled email address or wrong (mobile) phone number or credit card number (and are not obliged to verify it).

Any claims or complaints against safarigo.com or travel services should be submitted as soon as possible and no later than 5 days after the planned end date of the product or service. Any claim or complaint submitted later than the 5-day deadline may be rejected and the applicant will lose the right to compensation (loss or expense).

Due to the continuous update and adjustment of prices and itineraries, we strongly recommend that you take a screenshot at the time of booking as proof (if needed).

8. Ranking and evaluation

The default ranking of travel operators on this platform is "safarigo.com recommendation" (or any similar wording), which is the default ranking. Please note that the default ranking is created through a complex system (algorithm) that is constantly evolving and combines multiple criteria to match itineraries and travel operators in the best way for search users. Due to the combination of multiple criteria, the actual ranking displayed for each user and each search will be different, for example, taking into account the popularity of travel operators among our users (such as visitor reviews), response speed, and transaction volume And the user's (historical) browsing records.

Only guests who actually participate in the experience will receive an invitation from safarigo.com to comment on the relevant itinerary or the experience of the travel operator. We reserve our sole discretion to adjust, reject or remove reviews if the content of a review violates our review policy. safarigo.com will not provide compensation or rewards to visitors who complete reviews. Moreover, these tourist comment forms can only be used as questionnaires, and cannot contain any (further commercial) promotion, invitation information or reward content, etc. safarigo.com promises to do its best to monitor and remove comments that contain obscene content, mention personal names or stolen goods.

safarigo.com will not accept reviews containing the following content:

Profanity, pornography, hate speech, discrimination, threats, violence

Mention full names, personal attacks on employees

Facilitate illegal activities (such as drugs, prostitution)

Website, mail and e-mail address, phone number, email CC details

Politically sensitive comments

9. Disclaimer

In view of the limitations of the relevant terms and the scope of legal restrictions, we can only be responsible for compensation not exceeding the total cost shown in your travel reservation (whether by one or Losses caused by many related incidents).

However, within the scope permitted by law, the company and its office staff, company directors, company employees, company representatives, subsidiaries, branches, distributors, member (distribution) partners, authorized dealers, agents or other participants Organizations/persons involved in the construction, sponsorship, and promotion of this website and web content will not be responsible for the following situations: 1. Any punitive, special, indirect or related loss or damage; any production loss, loss of profit , Loss of income, contract loss, image damage or reputation damage, loss claims, etc.; 2. Inaccurate (descriptive) information (including itinerary prices and transportation) of travel operators published on this platform; 3. Travel operations Various services and products provided by vendors or other business partners; 4. Various (direct, indirect, related or punitive) damages and losses caused by the use or inability to use the platform or the delay in platform update Or any expenses paid or incurred by you; 5. Whether due to (legal) behavior, error, violation, (major) error, deliberate improper conduct, omission, omission, misleading, civil tort, strict liability, or due to ( Or partly due to) travel operators or other business partners who provide products or services (directly or indirectly) on this platform (their employees, directors, office staff, agents, representatives, subcontractors or subsidiaries)-including Reservation cancellation (or partial cancellation), overbooking, strike, non-human factors or other non-human control factors-caused by various (personal) injuries, deaths, property losses or other (direct, indirect, special, Related or punitive) damages, losses, or any expenses paid or incurred by you.

safarigo.com is not responsible for the use, validity, quality, suitability, applicability and proper publication of travel (rejects any liability), and makes no representations, guarantees or restrictions in this regard, whether implicit or statutory Or other including implied warranties of merchantability, ownership, non-infringement, or fitness for a specific purpose. You acknowledge and agree that the relevant travel operator is solely responsible for and assumes all responsibilities and obligations of the travel (including any guarantees and statements made by the travel operator). safarigo.com is not a distributor/seller of travel. Travel-related complaints or claims (including (special/promotional) prices, policies or special requests made by guests) are handled by the travel operator. safarigo.com is not responsible for such complaints, claims and (product) liability and refuses to admit any responsibility. But safarigo.com will try its best to help users negotiate with travel operators.

Regardless of whether the travel operator has collected travel expenses from you, or the (travel) prices or fees collected by us, you agree and accept that the travel operator is solely responsible for remittance, withholding, remittance and payment regulations (travel). ) Taxes. safarigo.com is not responsible for remittance, collection, withholding or payment of (travel) taxes and fees set by relevant tax authorities. safarigo.com will not operate in the form of merchant records of any products or services on its platform.

Uploading a photo/picture on this website (such as adding a photo in the guest’s comments, etc.) means that you have the ownership of the photo/picture, and you authorize, agree, and allow safarigo.com to decide on its own website, mobile website, and mobile customers. Used in end, online/offline promotional materials and publications. You grant the right to use the photos/pictures uploaded by safarigo.com without geographical restrictions, non-exclusive, irrevocable, unconditional, and unlimited; at the same time, you authorize safarigo.com to independently use, reprint, display, and publish these photos/pictures . In view of the fact that safarigo.com may use or publish these photos/pictures, uploading these photos/pictures means that the uploader accepts all legal and ethical guidelines and is willing to bear corresponding responsibilities, and also accepts the legal demands of third parties. safarigo.com does not own or endorse the uploaded photos/pictures. The uploader defaults to the authenticity and validity of these photos/pictures and holds the right to use them, and safarigo.com will not be held accountable for the above responsibilities. safarigo.com is not responsible for the authenticity of the photos/pictures uploaded. The uploader guarantees that these photos/pictures do not contain any viruses, Trojan horse viruses, or embedded files infected by viruses, and that the photos/pictures do not involve pornographic, illegal, obscene, insulting, offensive, or inappropriate content. Does not infringe any third party rights (such as intellectual property rights, copyrights or privacy, etc.). Any photos/pictures that do not meet the above standards will not be published, and safarigo.com reserves the right to remove/delete them at any time without any prior notice.

10. Intellectual Property

Unless otherwise stated, the software we use in the service or the existing or used software on this platform and the intellectual property rights (including copyright) of various content, information and materials on the platform belong to safarigo.com and its travel operators. Or owned by the supplier.

safarigo.com exclusively reserves the ownership of all (all intellectual property rights) (all intellectual property rights) of the (look and feel (including infrastructure)) of the platform that provides services (including tourist reviews and translation content). Without our express written permission, you have no right to copy, crawl, create (super/deep) links, publish, promote, sell, integrate, utilize, combine, or otherwise use any content (including any translations and guest reviews) ) Or our brand. If you will (in whole or in part) use or combine our (translated) content (including tourist reviews) or otherwise own any intellectual property rights in the platform or any (translated) content or tourist reviews, you hereby Assign, transfer and transfer all related intellectual property rights to safarigo.com. Any illegal use or any of the foregoing actions or behaviors will constitute a substantial infringement of our intellectual property rights (including copyright and database rights).

11. Applicable law, jurisdiction and dispute resolution

These terms and conditions and terms of service are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Chinese laws. Despite the aforementioned legal choices, when any natural person uses our services for purposes other than their industry or occupation (hereinafter referred to as "customers"), they can follow the mandatory provisions of the laws of the country/region where their usual residence is located. Any disputes related to these terms and conditions and our services shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of a court with jurisdiction in China. In spite of the aforementioned jurisdiction clauses, customers can still file lawsuits in the courts of their country/region, and lawsuits against customers can only be brought in the courts of their country/region.

The original Chinese version of these terms and conditions may be translated into multiple languages. The translated version of the English version is only as a courtesy, office translation, and you cannot obtain any rights from the translation. If there is a dispute over the content or interpretation of these terms and conditions, or there are inconsistencies or differences between the Chinese version of these terms and conditions and any other language version, the Chinese version shall prevail within the scope permitted by law, and the Chinese version shall apply And it is decisive.

If any provision of these terms and conditions becomes invalid, unenforceable or loses binding force, you must still abide by the provisions of the other terms of these terms and conditions. In this case, you should implement such invalid clauses to the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws. Taking into account the content and purpose of these terms and conditions, you should at least agree to accept new terms that are similar in effect to the invalid, unenforceable or non-binding terms.