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Who we are? Finot Tour Ethiopia is one of the youngest and well organized, highly effective and privately owned tour operators in Ethiopia. Finot Tour Ethiopia has been giving high quality services in the tourism sector. The company is established with the aim of providing efficient and professional services for its Clients. All our programs are designed to the interest of the individual traveler; be it History, Culture, Nature, Paleo-anthropology, Flora & Fauna, Safari, and/or Adventure tours. Our company ensures that you get your tour experience the way which you want. Why our company is called Finot? The name of our company Finot has been derived from the “Gezee”, which means the road to achieve something. These are found in Ethiopia’s selection of inspiring National Parks as well as Ethiopia’s Christian and Muslim historical hubs where pilgrims and believers have gathered to pray to their creators for centuries. These wonders of course include the unknown history of the human race Lucy’s birthplace where science has pinpointed man’s first steps. Finot Tour Ethiopia combines our instinctive travel expertise with client comforts to create an unforgettable African experience in the heart of one of the world’s most alluring destinations.

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