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A Kilimanjaro safari expedition can really help you explore the adventure tour of lifetime. Tourists coming to Tanzania can hardly restrict themselves from taking a Kilimanjaro and safari tour. As the Roof of Africa, Mt Kilimanjaro attracts many hikers and trekkers to reach for the summit of this amazing mountain while going for the Kilimanjaro and safari tour. Headquartered in the foothills of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, KWESA TOURS is committed to organizing safe, comfortable and enjoyable trekking adventures and wildlife Safari’s. Over the last 13 years, we have perfected the fusion of personalized customer care, rich expertise, profound experience and modern vision to give our client’s an experience like no other. We are a local, family-owned company, specializing in adventure travel throughout Tanzania/East Africa.We are grateful that you have chosen us to be apart of your African experience.

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